Knowing the Importance of Mafia Wars Illegal Transactions

Published: 16th November 2009
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Mafia Wars transactions, otherwise known as "Mafia Wars illegal transaction records" are key to getting ahead in the game. They cannot be bought through the Mafia Wars Shop, but can be obtained by performing the Steal Bank Records Job under the Capo Job Tier.


Fix the Big Game - Consumes one of the loot every time you perform this job (52 are needed for full mastery).


Extort a Corrupt Judge - Consumes one of the loot every time you perform this job (184 are needed for full mastery). You can embezzle funds through a phone company to achieve this.


Shake down a city council member - Consumes one of the loot every time you perform this job (109 are needed for full mastery).

Other Means of Mafia Wars Transaction Records


It's also possible to obtain these through fighting. Just remember that they are a random drop and it's possible you could hurt several people before actually getting one. Your best chance to get a random drop is by taking down those who have mastered the Capo tier. However, all the other tiers can work as well.

When you do get a hold of your mafia wars transactions, don't sit back on them. Go ahead and use them ASAP because you never know when someone can steal them from you.

Wish list Sharing

You would lose nothing when asking for some aid, so better take the chances! Sharing your wish list from time to time will make your Mafia become aware of your immediate need for this loot.

Some players who have already mastered all of the New York Job Tiers would no longer have any need for illegal transaction records, and hence may be willing for offer the item as a gift.

Participate in the Daily Chance

Mafia Wars Illegal Transaction Records can be won in the Daily Chance. However, just like performing jobs, success is not guaranteed and you would only have a chance of obtaining this loot. The more tickets you play, the more would be your chances of getting the one or even a few. Players can have a free ticket each day, so make sure you play daily to get the them.


What's that old adage; "one man's trash is another man's treasure?" Well it's true and even more so when it comes to mafia wars transactions. Even though you may be looking to grab as many illegal transaction records as possible, chances are some others in your mafia are trying to do the same. The best thing to do is off them a deal they can't refuse.

*Do they need politico corruptos or untraceable cell phones?
*What about collection items?

Who knows, you might even realize you're good at being a negotiator.

Mafia Wars will never be completed without illegal transaction records! The top three New York Job Tiers require Mafia Wars transactions in huge numbers. If you want to own the best Mafia ever, then this loot would be essential.

To discover more about illegal transaction records, then check out this Mafia Wars website here: Mafia Wars Illegal Transaction Records.

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